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From marble to granite to corian to stones, countertops have come in a wide variety. All have their own benefits & are a timeless collection. However one product stands out from the rest due to its ease of application, creativity & wide range of color & design options & all of this done without breaking the bank!

What Are Epoxy Countertops?

Epoxy countertops have a great finish & can be done to revitalize the look & feel of the interiors. However epoxy countertops do not come pre fabricated like marble or granite. The countertop is made at the site itself.

You can apply epoxy on the following materials:

1) Laminate

2) Ceramic

3) Metal

4) Wood

5) Concrete

Benefits you’d get by having epoxy countertops

1) Durable Resin Finish – When epoxy hardens, it creates a solid surface that usually lasts for years. Plus the long lasting shine is an added bonus to it!

2) High Gloss Finish – Epoxy is a glossy material by nature. When made into an exotic color, the design is completely outstanding due to the gloss effect and it resembles like a glass.

3) Unlimited design potential – Clearly your countertop or floor is like a canvas & you, an artist! The designs are endless & all upto your creativity

4) Heat Resistant – Epoxy is durable by nature & can withstand great heat. However do take notice not to put a hot pan or stove on the counter top directly for long period as it will damage not only just epoxy counter top but the other materials as well.

5) Non toxic & food safe – Our epoxy does not contain any VOC once it cures. So it is a perfect material to be used in a kitchen.

6) Easy to clean – A normal cleaning agent would suffice to clean any spots. However if a stain is left, it is advisable to not leave it there for long periods of time as it can leave a mark on the material.

Disadvantages of having epoxy countertops

1) Challenging & Messy – It is quite a challenge to apply epoxy as there are complications during the procedure & even more before starting to apply as there steps which have to be taken into

consideration like the level of the surface, any moisture content & the surface has to be cleaned properly with adequate covering of the materials on the site.

2) No second chances – One of the biggest drawbacks is that once its applied then there’s no going back on that design or any mistake made during the installation then making changes means going back to step 1, which is costly!

3) Inconsistent quality – Not all epoxies are the same. We have tried & tested with many epoxies only to get different results with them. Selecting the right one requires time & patience. The less expensive epoxies are runny whilst the quality ones are thick in nature.

4) Easily stained – While epoxies are durable, it does stain easily if any stains are not taken care of immediately.

Taking into account all of the pros & cons, one has to decide what do they require for their home or office. We provide free consultation & samples upon request. Please get in touch with us through our email or WhatsApp for any further details.


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