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What is Padel Tennis?

Padel Tennis has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game which has already been played in numbers in Spain and Latin America has quickly been gaining traction in Germany, UK, Middle-East, Australia, Canada & the US.

Padel is a combination of tennis and squash where the walls are also involved in the game and can only be played in doubles. The reason why padel is popular is because not only is it half the size of a tennis court but the game is quite fast paced as well. It is surrounded by glass and meshed panels on all sides. Same like tennis it is played with a tennis ball however the racquets are especially designed for padel tennis.

The overall dimension of the field is lower than that of tennis. This means that with the reduced field size and rise in number of players from 2-4 to 8-12, the ROI looks favorable.

As a leisure center or sports center operator Padel Tennis can offer you some great benefits!

  • Additional group of adults and young people increasing the number of members
  • Differentiation for your facility
  • Better retention rates as they stay longer in the facility
  • New structure for tournament and teams
  • More active club life
  • Better utilization of space

A range of padel tennis courts:

PLUS Model

The PLUS is the Padel Court for all structural requirements. This construction also provides excellent structural stability for the wind loads and also meets special and extremely structural requirements (e.g.installation on the building top floor or areas with high wind actions).
Reinforced triple-pillar frame construction made according the local structural engineer. This model is especially suitable for outdoor use. Delivered and set up as a turnkey project.

Panoramic Model

Spectacular design to enjoy Padel at the highest level. Allow viewers to have an optimal inside view to the playing surface. This is the simplest version on Panoramic. Recommended for an installation indoor, or Outdoor in a wind protected area. Supplied and built as a turnkey project.

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