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Planning on updating your space? Why not kick start with a new floor? 2019 has been a year where products from the past was revisited and brought back with a fresh look! Choosing the right flooring has never been more difficult as we are bombarded with so many options. Here’s why we have brought you a small list on what has been trending and which ones you can select!

1.     Microcement

Microcement, also known as micro screed, microtopping is a polymer modified cement based coating which can be applied thinly to walls, floors and stairs in both domestic and commercial environments. Microcement has strong bonding properties and because of this reason it can be applied on many surfaces like tiles, wood, calcium silicate, concrete etc.

Recently it has become quite popular among interior designers, home owners and business owners looking to build or renovate their space. The look of it bring a contemporary feel and natural touch to the environment. Proving to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also quite durable has boosted its reputation and usage in the industry.

2.     Epoxy based Terrazzo

Reason why terrazzo has been so successful in commercial, residential & institutional spaces is because of its superior design capabilities, physical properties and easy maintenance.

Terrazzo’s name is said to be generic & it is a finished surface resulting from a bonding matrix which can be either from cementitious or resinous nature, with marble or other aggregates.

The floor is your canvas when it comes to terrazzo. Creative compounding made together with creative designs can have amazing visuals. Floor designs are complemented with other work surfaces and display stands, skirting coved base and wall surfaces.

Epoxy resin is highly resistant to acids and other chemicals making it the perfect product for places where there is high foot traffic such as malls, hospitals & food preparation areas.

3.     Designer Epoxy

Designer Epoxy or as some call it metallic epoxy combine design and durability to provide you with not only aesthetically pleasing but also a long lasting floor. This type of epoxy has been gaining momentum in quite some places.

Metallic coatings are composed of metallic pigments which are held in suspension of resin. The color technology of this system creates movement and a sense of depth where light hits the floor.

Spaces that are best suited for such application would be; entrances, lounges, cafes & retail outlets, garages, kitchen, living rooms.

4.     Vinyl

Vinyl comes in different looks: stone, hardwood, concrete, and more. The waterproof type is highly popular and it comes in planks or tiles. It is warm and comfortable underfoot and it is also effective in absorbing sound. This can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

5.     Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the best way to showcase the raw look of plain concrete be it indoors or out.

Some homeowners prefer the bare appearance of a concrete floor. It looks great in minimalist and contemporary homes.

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