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Schools, colleges & universities play an integral role in our society and are the foundation for an economy to prosper. A country’s well-being is linked proportionately to the educational standards it has set & what major roles do architects & designers play in this is crucial to the development of the economy.

However with rising costs or let’s say lower tolerance to rising costs these days, to building a school or a university, architects & designers have to come up with new solutions to tackle this on-going issue. What has been slowly & steadily gaining traction is the use of decorative PU flooring for educational institutes.

Why shift to PU flooring for educational facilities?

There are a number of reasons why it would be in the interest of not only the developer/operator of school but also the architect/designer as well as the main contractor.

So let’s get into it on why PU flooring should be adopted by all the designers & operators alike;

Affordability – The norm these days is vinyl flooring for educational institutions. Reason being is because it is anti-bacterial & easy to clean. However after screed has been applied, we require self-leveling compound before proceeding with vinyl installation. But when it comes to PU, after screed has been applied with a power float, PU can be directly applied on the surface. Hence saving major costs!

Quicker Installation – With PU flooring the installation can be done rapidly and this saves valuable time for the developer of the facility.

Unlimited designs – With PU flooring designers can play around with different colors on the floor without being burdened by the fact that it will lead to more wastage and hence higher cost.

Acoustic properties – It is of the utmost importance for an educational facility to have sound reduction properties when it comes to flooring. PU flooring is able to absorb the sound in hallways with thousands of students walking daily.

Zero joints – PU has the upper hand here as opposed to vinyl flooring as it contains no joints, easy to clean and anti-bacterial at the same time. What’s more is that it is highly chemical resistant so using it in labs & places as such will not damage the floor.

Durable – PU flooring has been known to be able to withstand high foot traffic. It is a perfect solution for lobbies & main hallways.

Slip resistance – PU flooring also has the option to be anti-slip. Hence it can be used in washrooms, kitchen and wet-areas.

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