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What is epoxy terrazzo?

Initially this concept originates from the mosaic floors that were done in ancient Rome. Since then terrazzo has taken a major revamp and has been refined by the use of modern materials and better installation methods to meet the needs & requirements of this era.

Reason why terrazzo has been so successful in commercial, residential & institutional spaces is because of its superior design capabilities, physical properties and easy maintenance.

Terrazzo’s name is said to be generic & it is a finished surface resulting from a bonding matrix which can be either from cementitious or resinous nature, with marble or other aggregates.

The floor is your canvas when it comes to terrazzo. Creative compounding made together with creative designs can have amazing visuals. Floor designs are complemented with other work surfaces and display stands, skirting coved base and wall surfaces.

The whole installation process takes place at the site and is performed in-situ at work. However customized designs can be constructed in workshop and seamlessly incorporated into the design.

The material is delimited by the use of divider strips which are usually zinc or PVC, that perform the function of design enhancement or crack/expansion control.

Epoxy resin is highly resistant to acids and other chemicals making it the perfect product for places where there is high foot traffic such as malls, hospitals & food preparation areas.

Why Go With Terrazzo?

Not only is it easily customizable with huge selection of colors and aggregates but it also is incredibly easy to clean which is such a big plus for owners of the facility. Let’s take a look at why Gulf Trading’s epoxy terrazzo is sought after by the architects and designers.

  • Aesthetics – Our policy is to never say ‘It’s impossible’ to an architect. We strive for excellence and materialize it by bringing the floor to life. The great thing about terrazzo is that design possibilities are unlimited with many color ranges and aggregates at your disposal.
  • Ease of clean- Terrazzo is a non-porous material with anti-microbial growth properties and it does not accumulate moisture making it highly resistant to stains. Thus, terrazzo only requires less maintenance without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Eco friendly –Unlike other flooring options that end up in landfill, terrazzo easily lasts for hundreds of years which is very unlikely it will end up in one. Plus some terrazzo material can be made with post consumer and recycled content.

Key Benefits

  • Customized designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely durable
  • Retains quality with age
  • Weather adaptable – It has withstood the test of time in both extreme and harsh conditions
  • Supports green building requirement
  • Justifiable cost

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