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Terrazzo has proven to be a product that has stood the test of time. Terrazzo’s flexibility in terms of its designs and applications makes it the go-to product for commercial and residential purpose to create fantastic visuals. The beauty of terrazzo is with its limitless array of colors and textures that create glamorous and aesthetic spaces.

Terrazzo flooring has traditionally consisted of marble or granite chips set in concrete and grinded then polished to a smooth surface, creating a decorative and artistic pattern which consists of many different size and colored flakes.

However what we have seen is with the advanced technology and rapid use of resins in today’s era of designs, epoxy based terrazzo has certainly gripped the market. The whole procedure of design, installation and the use of surfaces has been revolutionized. Now designers can create artwork and use floor as their canvas to create the designs they like by the use of epoxy based terrazzo which allows for greater versatility.

To create this artistic effect, we use epoxy or PU based system instead of concrete which makes it easier to pour blocks of colored resin into any desired pattern. Furthermore metal bands have been added onto the floor to mark out different sections for the desired pattern and colors. Once the final color has been laid down, the floor is then grounded, polished and sealed to create a smooth glossy appealing floor.

So what are you getting with these 2 different finishes?

Epoxy Terrazzo

The main benefits that one can incur from epoxy terrazzo are the greater design flexibility and speed of application. Epoxy based as compared to its counterpart cement based is a lighter flooring solution. Using an epoxy solution to bind aggregates such as marble, granite and shimmering pieces of glass to create a smooth and luxurious floor finish. If the temperature and surface are suitable, this system has the ability to cure overnight and be ready to get polished the next day, permitting a faster project turnaround. This speed of application is suitable for shopping malls, retail outlets and medical facilities. However this is an application which is not suitable for outdoors as epoxy does not suit well for outdoor application.

Cementitious Terrazzo

Cement terrazzo is more suitable for places that are challenging when it comes to exterior application and renovation projects where there is no vapor barrier beneath the surface.

Cement terrazzo consists of cement along with different aggregates, including sand cushion, bonded, rustic, monolithic and polyacrylate systems. This system is usually often thicker and more heavy then its counterpart, which is why this system is ideal for heavy traffic areas and harsher environments.

It takes about 7 days curing time for this type of terrazzo where the area has to remain free of traffic. This is a clear loss of time for running and operational businesses.

To highlight the main differences between the two:

TypeEpoxy TerrazzoCementitious Terrazzo
Color OptionsOffers a plethora of colors and designsSlightly limited color options
Thickness6-10mmThick and heavy
Application areaGood for internal usageInternal and external
Moisture toleranceFew concerns on moisture vapor transmissionGood at handling moisture vapor transmission
FinishHigh level glossyLow level glossy
CuringFast curingLonger duration to cure

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