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As we isolate in our homes, we become progressively mindful of how our inside spaces influence our dispositions, our capacity to work and our physical solace. Interior designer Stanley Sun, one of the authors of Mason Studio, accepts that the present Corona infection emergency will affect how we design spaces later on.

“We will design our homes and our commercial and public spaces with new awareness of personal safety concerns,” Sun says from the firm’s headquarters in Toronto. Sun has led major design projects all across the globe and has offered some valuable insights about what kind of approach we are going to witness in the future with the interior design industry.

  • We will combine our virtual and physical environment

At present, there are essentially physical environments and virtual spaces, Sun says. Video conferencing is making individuals increasingly mindful of how they are seen, and spaces later on will be structured in view of that. Muted or reverberating sound, harsh or insufficient light will be a focal point of consideration as we inhabit virtual spaces.

  • Public spaces will include universal clues for comfortable social barriers

“The ‘personal bubble’ will begin to build,” Sun says. “Public interior spaces will include universal signals to help for making agreeable social barriers without being distracting, obvious or non-approachable. Products will be more remote separated, individuals won’t need to pack together so as to see something.”

  • Space planning, circulation and programming will include physical distance measures

Amenity spaces in townhouse or high rises will be designed to permit gatherings to isolate from one another. The manner by which we see safe places in social environments will start to expand, making a visual move in how our interiors function.

  • The influence of mental & physical well-being in design will increase exponentially

The significance of interior design and mental and physical wellbeing will turn out to be more predominant than any other time in recent memory. Designers should consider how we can aid emotional wellness through interior environment, utilizing lighting, materials, sound and acoustics. In homes, spaces will turn out to be increasingly adaptable.

  • Offices in residences will be a norm

Residences will no longer have a home office, however an office at home. Huge reexamination of how we can make a delightful, practical office at home will be planned and set up to suit full time satellite working environments.

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