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Subsequent to United Arab Emirates’ first case of COVID-19 in January 2020, the government has taken swift action to combatting this issue and implementing measures to curb the virus. This has greatly affected the travel industry and subsequently tourism is at an all-time low. What we used to witness on a daily basis filled up malls, houseful cinema theatres and packed F&B outlets have virtually gone down to zero.

So how has this impacted the retail industry? Well for starters, non-food retail and restaurants have seen a downward spiral in performance since February and are left to wonder when will business return to normal levels as it was once.

Online retail was already booming and now on top of it with the virus, business for brick-and-mortar has been severely impacted. Physical retail outlets have to accept that their customer base is now going through a crash course and for those that do not already have an online presence are getting hit hard the worst. However for those retail outlets that already have a strong omnichannel retail presence, they will have to ask themselves whether customers see sense in visiting their stores. As for those outlets that do not currently have a good online presence they need to establish their physical presence as not only as experiential playgrounds but also as trusted and transparent safe haven.

“Right now, there’s a fear as customers move through a store”, Daniel Binder, a partner at Columbus Consulting gives his opinion on the current pandemic scenario. “What retailers will have to figure out is how to bring a sense of structure and calm.”

This why it’s so important to ensure designs that have taken into account using products that are suited to people who will now be hyper-hygiene-conscious consumers.

Our multi-purpose resin flooring solution for commercial spaces is highly durable and able to withstand high traffic and regular maintenance of almost any public space. Whilst not only being as a safer option in terms of cleanliness and resistance to bacteria, our resin commercial flooring option also proves to be visually aesthetic with many different designs that can be incorporated and best of all; zero joints.

Suitable for any environment

The material is built and designed to be implemented at any possible place including offices, retail or any communal areas that need to be easy to maintain

Able to withstand any usage
– Highly Durable
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Ling-Lasting and hard-wearing

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