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When you think of hospitals & clinics, what comes to mind? Is it the distinct smell of the hospital? The tiny ward & corridors?

We all have had experience of hospital at some point in our lives, be it being hospitalized yourself or visiting family & friends. Healthcare facilities play an integral part in the daily function of a society. An economy’s well being is directly linked to the type of healthcare facility & operations a country provides to its citizens, especially important to an ageing population. Not only in UAE but in other parts of GCC region, ageing population is a prevalent social issue which requires a thorough procedure to tackle & come up with a well-built plan. Inevitably this places more emphasis on the demand to provide a better healthcare infrastructure, promoting healthy lifestyle to improving patient care & patient experience.

As a specialist for floorings in healthcare, we knew we had to take a fresh approach in bringing a robust system that can fulfill all the requirements of safety, hygiene, longevity & appealing.

Our discussions with doctors & architects led to some insightful discussion regarding the health & safety standards, patient well being & experience along with other technical facets such as its slip resistance factor, abrasion strength, bond strength etc.

How does our polyurethane flooring product come into play in this scenario? Well it is the perfect functional flooring to be used in healthcare facilities & we have suggested which areas of healthcare are suited for our polyurethane flooring;

1) Hospital Wards – Arguably the area with the most foot traffic. This area needs to be comfortable for patients, visitors and staff and requires utmost care when it comes to slip and abrasion resistance & low cost maintenance. Our PU flooring solutions cater to a wide range of colors to provide a durable seamless finish.

2) Hospital Entrance – The first point of contact for patients & visitors needs to be remarkable and that which leaves a positive impression. Needless to say our ‘decorative epoxy flooring’ can do this job by providing a glossy seamless finish to the floor that needs low maintenance.

3) Corridors – With continuous use throughout the day, corridors have to be quite durable, slip resistant, aesthetically pleasing & good wheel resistance (trolleys). Our PU flooring has been qualified to for each of those key points.

4) Theatres – In such sensitive environments it is highly crucial to not only have flooring which is hygienic, easy to clean and slip resistant but to also have properties of anti-static and conductive. Our anti-static and conductive epoxy flooring has made it possible to have all those benefits.

5) Wetroom & Shower – Slip resistance properties is of paramount importance in such places & it is also important to have a barEefoot flooring system suitable for patients that meets the DIN

standard 51097 as well as a system suitable for carers wearing shoes. This is why our polyurethane flooring has been the go-to option for this type of application.

6) Bathrooms & toilets – A seamless option for such an area is vital as it should be hygienic and easy to clean. PU flooring is the right choice for such an area.

Vinyl flooring is slowly being replaced by PU flooring for indoor usage as it has great benefits to it when it comes to application & usage;

A. Easy to apply

B. Chemical resistance is high

C. High mechanical strength

D. Wear resistance is high

E. It creates a hygienic environment

F. Easy to clean

G. Has a long coating life

H. Compatible with heavy traffic conditions

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