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COVID-19 has brought the word to a standby. Malls have been closed, work from home has become the norm and students are studying from home. Although the current situation is not favorable for most people, this however is actually a great opportunity for educational institutes to have their flooring renovated as there is no foot traffic during time of installation.

One of the most important and largest of all place to refurbish is definitely the school floor, as this provides a safe space for staff and pupils on a daily basis. With such high number in foot traffic, let’s take a look at which option suits the best for different areas.


Durability is a major requirement for school flooring. When installing a new flooring or any flooring for that matter, it has to stand the test of time, so that when a refurbishment is required, the new choice has to be the last! That is exactly the reason why resin flooring has taken off amongst designers.

Classrooms usually have a lot tables and chairs being dragged across the floor & this is why it is absolutely crucial to have floor that has high abrasion resistance.

As well as being durable, classrooms can have a decorative element to them by adding different color schemes on the floor. With our resin flooring for classrooms, now you can have suitable designs depending on the age of students.

Zero Wastage

Vinyl as compared to resin also has many colors and designs on it. However the problem with vinyl is that it comes pre-fabricated and this leads to a high wastage especially with many colorful designs involved.


The next place is canteen where there is great footfall and also a regular movement of tables and chairs. So the floor not only has to be durable and appealing but it also has to have strong properties of chemical resistance and anti-bacterial because of the natural and artificial sugars presence in the food which can lead to floor deterioration of lesser floor’s finish.

In canteen kitchen, temperature resistance would be a key requirement to stop floors from failing because of excessive heat from oven or from extreme cold in cold storage areas. Our polyurethane systems would get the job done in such places.


The area with a constant load of high foot-traffic, corridors are a guiding area as well for students,staff and visitors alike & need to flooring that is not only durable but also designed in a manner that showcases safest paths to walk on and highlight where doorways are, or other areas of collision.

With resin flooring, we can play around with 3-4 colors to create a great looking corridor that is certainly eye-catching, long-lasting & easy to clean.

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