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Industry estimates indicate that polished concrete installations make up 15-20% of all new flooring systems installed each year. That’s a massive number and it keeps on increasing and there’s a good reason why this is the case.

Why go with polished concrete?
At Gulf Trading FZE, our polished concrete flooring solution has been recognized for its sustainability, benefits and contribution to the environment. We’re proud that we have been part of prestigious projects and our experts are here to guide you on how our polished concrete solutions can play a critical role in LEED silver, gold and platinum awards.

Benefits of polished concrete

– No more dust from efflorescence
In ordinary unpolished concrete, dust particles come on to the surface through hydrostatic pressure resulting in efflorescence. This leads to dusting which basically forces epoxies off the floor which results in more costly maintenance. Polished concrete eliminates this dusting, hence minimizing any additional maintenance cost

– Say goodbye to stains
By densifying and sealing the surface, polished concrete transforms a porous surface into a tightened floor where water, oil and other liquid contaminants will not be able to seep in the concrete pores.

– Improved reflectivity
Polished concrete improves lighting in the facility as it has reflective properties. This improved ambient lighting reduces cost of energy bills, increases safety and showcases the facility in the best possible way.

– No more slip ups
Although it looks shiny on the surface, polished concrete does not create a slippery surface. In fact, mechanically grinding and flatting the floor ultimately increases the coefficient of friction as compared to ordinary concrete.

– Cost effective option
Polished concrete delivers ROI by reducing energy and maintenance cost. With the ambient lighting we save on energy and with less maintenance of the floor, we save tons during long term.

– LEED Friendly
Polished concrete not only utilizes existing concrete surface to eliminate the need for additional floor coverings/coatings, it also contains no VOC, making it the most appealing option to move forward

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