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If you have read our article ‘5 new flooring trends to look out for’, you are well aware that flooring materials are becoming more daring & diverse. Although variation of material is on the rise, however there is one color that is being used a lot these days. No matter where we look, be it retail outlet, museums, educational facilities, the usage of grey color tone has been on the rise. So what is the reason that makes this color so popular? Let’s take a look!

Contemporary Color

There is something fascinating about the grey color tone that allows it to blend itself well with the decorative elements. Take this mall for example.

The mall as shown above used a combination of grey tones and crisp white flooring. Shimmering & glittering elements were added in the flooring, generating a sense of modernism & luxury in the environment.

Beautiful terrazzo design was incorporated to create these beautiful curves across the floor that added a look of modernism & enhance the look of the space. This curved pattern reflects the architecture of the building and more specifically the curves of the interior mall.

Industrial Aesthetics

By adding grey tones to the space, it is possible to create an industrial feel to the commercial office, F&B or residential space. This sort of trend has been gaining traction these days and that too for good reasons.

This was done using our microtopping product where we designed a raw natural look on the surface that is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

Not only does this work well in malls and offices but blends in perfectly at our project of Rain Café where grey microtopping was incorporated in the floor. This created a beautiful look and worked well with the lighter shade of grey on wall.

Alongside industrial aesthetics, the flooring used here was durable enough to have the highest standards of mechanical and chemical resistance, given that it was installed in a factory.

Be it office, home, mall, café, grey color tone according to our prediction is here to stay for the long haul!

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