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In our previous article of ‘Breaking the norm of vinyl flooring for healthcare facilities’, we discussed why the use of vinyl in such times has become costly & redundant. Resin has completely changed the landscape of flooring alternatives & is a proven better mouse trap! Here are some of the reason why this stands true to its nature.

The health industry is ever-booming and during such times, the necessity of more hospitals & clinics, built to the highest of standards is of the utmost importance. New medical campuses are being built while some are renovating the age-old hospitals and clinics and renovating it to the latest features. As the demand for these healthcare facilities increases, so does the need for durable and safe flooring option.

Healthcare facilities focus on patients’ well-being, so when deciding on which flooring to move forward with, certain factors have to be kept in mind regarding safety, accessibility & a feeling of comfort for not only the patients but the staff, doctors and visitors. This is where resin gets the job done and qualifies for all it.


Hospitals & clinics mostly give off a vibe that just brings down the morale, so interior designers and architects have kept this in mind and honed in on what makes better looking environment and how to create a positive atmosphere for the patients, staff and visitors. This is where the use of resin flooring can come in where attractive flooring colors can put them at ease and bring a sense of calm. With a seamless finish and multiple usage of colors, an attractive finish can be achieved with resin flooring that is also stain-resistant.


Whatever it maybe; vinyl, stone, resin, ceramic, the safety of the patient is of the utmost importance. With this aspect kept in mind, healthcare facilities demand the safest safety flooring which adheres to slip-resistance & anti-microbial properties.

Resin’s zero joint flooring allows for no liquid to seep in through any openings and ensuring no mold and mildew develops.

Long lasting durability

Healthcare facilities compete for patients’ business. The durability of resinous flooring is like none other. High performance epoxy & polyurethane systems can last for many years and still look great provided they have been maintained. Even the maintenance cost of resin is less as it only requires normal cleaning agents. This is the reason why many healthcare companies are opting for the use of resin.

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