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The padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity mostly because it is fast paced & involves a greater number of people (4 people/game). We have seen a great demand here in UAE for this sport & have been catering to different sporting facilities present in this region that have enquired about this sport.

Well here are some of the major benefits of padel tennis based on our experience:

1)    It is a sport for all ages

It does not matter what your age is; whether young or old, it is a sport that adapts to the characteristics of its players & can be practiced at any age.

2)    Better land usage

Padel is only 20 x 10 m where as compared to its counterpart, Tennis pitch is 23.7 x 10.7 m. It allows for facility owners to make better usage of their land space so as to further reduce cost or increase their revenue.

3)    Improve coordination and reflexes

Padel is a game which is a mix of tennis and squash. Both very demanding sport combined into one. This allows for improving reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

4)    Tone the muscles

A great sport with loads of movements to keep you in shape. It works overall body especially the quads, hams and glutes.

5)    Both indoor & outdoor

A great sport which can be accommodated to both indoor & outdoors. Enjoy the game in summers and spring in the great outdoors or if the temperature gets too hot or way too cold & breezy, this sport can be played indoors.

6)    Builds team-spirit

This game requires a team of two & both are completely dependent on each other. Hence, great coordination among teammates is of utmost importance if winning the game is the objective.

7)    Less expensive

As mentioned earlier that this is a sport of 4 people, the cost of playing the game is reduced overall per head and this is one of the reasons why this sport is so popular amongst the youth.

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