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Resin floors are an integral part of the facility; whether a residential, commercial, leisure, F&B or hospitality sector. The durability and sturdiness of resin material makes it an ideal choice for places with lots of foot traffic. In addition to that, the aesthetic beauty of resin can be used to accomplish a wide range of floor finishes. If installed properly, the longevity of the floor and ease of maintenance for the facility is a great benefit as it lasts for many years.

Aside from withstanding the daily foot traffic from visitors in the museum, resin flooring also protects from the weighty exhibits. Resin flooring also has one distinct advantage as compared to its counterparts. They offer wide range of design possibilities that allow free reign for creating almost any visual effect on the surface.

Let’s look at the 3 ways this can be used in a museum:

Plain & Simple

The seamless nature of this material allows for a homogenous finish with zero joints. Often, the only visible divisions are those resulting from subdivisions underneath the coating. This finish can be achieved in a glossy, matte and satin finish.

Resin finish used here in Louvre Abu Dhabi matches perfectly with the designs and patterns on walls.

This resin cementitious finish gives it a very clean & contemporary look. A perfect look for a museum.

An Artistic Effect

With a wide range of color possibility, resin flooring can be used to create grand designs. Resin flooring is the perfect application for a museum as the floor can be shown to convey a message or present a theme that goes with that environment.

Epoxy terrazzo is being used in Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum with designs on the floor to showcase the diversity of the islands in Abu Dhabi.

First Impressions

Museum entrance ways have an important role of standing out and setting an impression on the audience. It is highly crucial to set the initial tone correctly so that the audience gets a great first impression of the museum.

The glossy resin used here in the museum sets a great first impression in the minds of the visitors. A clean surface with zero joints.

The choice of resin floors in museum is ideal as it is not only durable, long lasting, hard wearing, ease of maintenance but also aesthetically pleasing with a wide range of design options. To get in touch with us please drop a comment & let us know how we can assist you!

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