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Sports has always been at the forefront of UAE’s culture. With venues like Dubai Sports World, Dubai Sports City & many other places to blow off steam from everyday life & engage in outdoor or indoor sports activities, UAE has you covered.

The UAE government has placed great emphasis on sporting events & is indeed part of the culture to stay fit & active.

We at Gulf Trading have worked with various outlets to bring to you the best of the sporting experience.

Specialized in building sporting venues & facilities, our team has worked on many notable projects such as Dubai & Sharjah Football Stadium, Sustainable City Jogging Track, Danube Miraclz Sports Facilities & many other educational institutes sports facilities.

Our specializations for sports flooring in UAE include:

Sports Artificial Turf

Our sports artificial grass features the latest technological innovations for market-leading performance. We offer high-performance artificial grass that meets every requirement of the following sports: golf, tennis, football and paddle. Combine the superior quality of Turfgrass artificial grass with our helpful after-sales support and a hassle-free installation process and you get one of the best solutions available on the market of sports artificial grass. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming maintenance of natural grass and say hello to a consistent playing experience in all weather conditions.

Sports Acrylic Flooring

For passionate sports lovers & enthusiasts, Gulf Trading’s sports flooring system offers excellent durability, longevity & supreme playing standards & safety for players. Our acrylics sports flooring systems offer better control, perfect ball bounce, excellent balance between friction and sliding & shock absorption qualities. Our acrylic has been LEED certified & ITF approved.

Jogging/Athletic Track

Gulf Trading’s team of experts are dedicated in creating sturdy, durable, long-lasting jogging tracks. Our range varies from athletic tracks to residential jogging tracks. The system which we use for professional jogging track is a waterproof sandwich type system which consists of a base layer laid on site, specifically graded SBR granules and polyurethane binder, as well as a polyurethane resin coating with EPDM granules, sprinkled on top. The track is laid on site and is perfectly uniform and seamless.

Sports PU

Our sports PU is a site applied, cushioned multi-purpose sports surface. The system comprises a two- pack polyurethane adhesive, a prefabricated rubber mat, a two-pack polyurethane pore filler, a 2mm self-levelling polyurethane wear layer and a single pack, water-based, low odour polyurethane top coat. Our PU remains point elastic due to the resilient nature of the prefabricated rubber mat together with the polyurethane wear layer and top coat.

EPDM Rubber Surface

Our cast in-situ rubber surface is available in a wide range of colors and is available in sizes of 1-4mm. We create a range of designs and vibrant colors for kids to enjoy and play.

Best of Gulf Trading’s Colored EPDM Granules:

  1. Various thickness can be applied
  2. Suitable in all kinds of places and weather
  3. Seamless flooring
  4. Reduce likelihood of injury from falls
  5. Made from original polymer rubber which has great elasticity

Padel Tennis Courts

Padel Tennis has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game which has already been played in numbers in Spain and Latin America has quickly been gaining traction in Germany, UK, Middle-East, Australia, Canada & the US.

Padel is a combination of tennis and squash where the walls are also involved in the game and can only be played in doubles. The reason why padel is popular is because not only is it half the size of a tennis court but the game is quite fast paced as well. It is surrounded by glass and meshed panels on all sides. Same like tennis it is played with a tennis ball however the racquets are especially designed for padel tennis.

The overall dimension of the field is lower than that of tennis. This means that with the reduced field size and rise in number of players from 2-4 to 8-12, the ROI looks favorable.

Our team of experts can build your very own padel tennis court in UAE for a very favorable cost.

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