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Do I require in-fill for my artificial turf? Can non-infill grass work on artificial turf? Which one is better and suited to what purpose? These are just some of the most FAQs we receive regularly from our customers. Generally speaking, we always recommend to have infill as this provides stability and resilience to the playing field. But in some situations, you do not need infill and this is where we uncover why you do need infill and in which instances you do require non infill.

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Why use infill for artificial turf?

  1. Infill provides a structure for the fibers of artificial turf, helping the fibers to keep firm. The fibers naturally lay flat, however after adding infill (quartz sand, rubber crumb or both), they are affirm.
  2. Infill provides a cushion effect when stepping over the turf. This protects roots of the fibers as well as adding resilience to the artificial turf. Usually, an infill system can withstand more foot traffic than its counterpart non infill under the same conditions.
  3. Infill provides primary backing from UV exposure and it also helps to extend the useful life of your artificial turf product.

The left picture shows the non infill artificial turf and the right one requires infill. The fibers of the right picture will fall flat without any infill present.

What is non artificial turf?

Our non artificial turf has frizzy fibers also known as Thatch; narrow gauge and high stitch rate. The frizzy fibers are functioning to make the fibers stand and to provide resistance and durability.

3 key factors for non artificial turf:

  1. With thatch in the root zone
  2. Narrow gauge
  3. High stitch rate

Non artificial grass should be dense enough & flexible enough to support high traffic.

Infill or without infill; which one to decide?

It depends on the conditions of your project –

  1. Landscape & play area

If just for landscape or not for much foot traffic, you can use any sort of artificial turf. Usually it’s the non infill that is used for such purposes.

In high traffic areas is better to use silica sand which extends the life of the product. However even for high traffic areas, non infill can be considered on the following applications:

  • Garden contains severe slopes
  • Play area for kids and pets
  • You would like to include artificial turf around swimming pool
  • Football fields

Almost all traditional artificial turf system for a football field requires silica sand and rubber granules. The fibers naturally lay flat without the infill material. Silica sand & rubber granules work together to provide a stable and flexible surface.

Non infill artificial turf

Our non infill artificial turf range combines the newest and unique yarn and tuft design to create high quality & low maintenance football pitch. It is recommended to lay this down on a shock pad. Shorter blades makes it ideal for multi sport pitches, training pitches & 5 a side football.

Non infill durability

As explained above, infill provides a ‘cushion’ effect to the playing field & that ‘thatch’ which is used in noninfill artificial grass, has a similar effect but is it enough?

If 5 a side or 3 a side or for training pitches, then non infill is a suitable option. If you would like to add extra resilience and better protection of football pitch, then an added shock pad would be the best option to go forward with in case the non infill pitch is being used for professional games.


For landscape: We recommend using sand infill but if not much traffic then without any infill is fine as well

For play areas: We recommend using sand infill as this has more foot traffic and extra strain towards the surface. We recommend adding a layer of shock pad as well.

For a football project: We always recommend to go with infill for professional performance. But for 5 a side, 3 a side & indoor usage, non infill football grass is an ideal choice.

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