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Micro-topping is a cementitious compound that is designed to create a smooth, tight troweled finish on the interior concrete surface that gives you a new canvas for decorative concrete floors. You can use micro-topping over interior surfaces such as indoor concrete, hotels, plazas, shopping centers, museums, garages, and offices, etc. Our company is offering you this unique design with our expert team that promises you to give your home or office a modern, stylish look. The following article revolves around the micro-topping service that our expert team provided to a Rain Cafe. 

Process of Micro-topping

Before starting the process of micro-topping in the cafeteria, our team verified that the surface is clean and free of debris. Because the surface must be clean, so there is no hurdle between bonding. So, our team cleaned that with water, acid, and detergent to remove all the residues of chemicals and traces of concrete. Sometimes a particular product is also used before micro-topping for the cleaning process. 

It is incredibly significant to fill all the cracks, holes, and irregularities on the surface before applying the micro-topping layer. So, our team checked and filled all the irregularities on the surface and leveled it by self-leveling compounds. It is also essential to keep in mind the temperature in which the micro-topping layer should be applied. Our team applies the product on the floor between 10 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. It ensures the proper bonding of the compound with the surface because very high temperatures can affect the process of bonding. They also sprinkle some water to maintain the temperature.

Using the mixing drill, our team mixed the water with Decorkrete (the micro-topping material). This mixture should contain the proper amount of water and Decorkrete that our expert team knows for good bonding. Then our team sprinkled some water on the surface and started applying the mixture with the help of screed (a tool). The first time they applied a sufficient amount of mixture to cover the concrete surface. And when that mixture dried, they recoated it five times.

With each coat, the surface started becoming smooth and durable. The whole process is done keeping in mind the weather conditions because high heat and humidity accelerate the setting time of the mixture. As a final step, the color was applied to give the cafeteria a modern and unique look, as you can see the pictures.

Benefits of Micro-topping

The following are some of the benefits of micro-topping that provide you a durable finish surface.

  • It’s easy to apply, and there is no need for additional additives.
  • There is a vast design versatility of micro-topping, and you can use it on floors, walls, bathrooms, and shelves with the design and color of your choice.
  • Micro-topping is made with natural components and provides you protection as they are strong but durable. 
  • It is easy to maintain and clean. You have to be careful for one week, so its pores close. You can wash it with water or neutral detergent simply. 
  • You can change its color and renew it easily. This is an excellent advantage for those who love to play with color schemes. The most popular color is grey.
  • Microtopping is highly resistant to heat, so you can easily use it in the kitchen. It is more resistant to any other typical floor resin.

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