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Interior design is a tricky space. From the colors of the walls to the durability of the floor, there are several factors to consider, especially when interiors play a major role into the overall customer experience.

With shopping centers focusing heavily on aesthetics, supermarkets usually mix the decorative with the durable factor in order to maintain a hygienic and serviceable environment. What one needs to consider and give the most thought is the high footfall & come up with a robust solution that factors in design & creativity.

However for supermarkets, it is not just footfall but also wheeled trolleys, exposure to spillages as well as organic acids that can corrode the floor along with scuff marks on the floor from the shelving.

When it comes to flooring for supermarket, one size does not fit all, but it will actually save you money to select a flooring option that will be a perfect fit for that specific application.

Let’s look at each specific section and which flooring would be suitable for that area:

Main Concourse

For this specific area, a hardwearing acrylic based system or epoxy resin would work well thanks to its durability and robustness. The best part is that there are designer options to choose from which gives it a pleasant aesthetic appeal.

Checkout Area

Places like checkout areas or other places in a supermarket where the customer soaks up the environment, a pleasant looking flooring is a great option to choose. This is where resin floors can be used such as decorative polyurethane or epoxy floors. Different color shades can be added and with a seamless finish and zero joints, the floor will be aesthetically pleasing whilst still being quite durable.

For flooring that is more decorative, epoxy terrazzo can be used for places such as cafes, lunch spots or coffee shops.

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Back of house areas require flooring that is much more durable and also that can withstand heavy weights. It need not necessarily be used for decorative purpose. Thus epoxy and pu screed can be done in such areas which is more chemical resistant.

Easy to clean

Resin floors for supermarkets is no doubt the best option as more and more designers are foregoing the use of ceramics and porcelain and shifting towards resin floors because of its robust nature along with decorative capabilities. The anti-microbial nature of resin floors makes it the ideal option to use in supermarket.

For further consultation from our team, please feel free to get in touch with us. Share your thoughts on some of your projects by using resin floors for different areas.

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