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There are certain things which you should never compromise on: dental work, tattoos & quality flooring. One question that often comes to us is if polished concrete is expensive. And to be honest, it does look expensive given the final finish & look you can achieve from it. No wonder, the general public is skeptical about installing polished concrete.

In the long run however, polished concrete stands on top due to its longevity & durability, making it more affordable than its counterparts. Here is why the investment is worth it.

Choose the finish based on your budget

The great thing about polished concrete is that you can achieve this finish in a number of different ways taking consideration of the final finish also your budget.

For all polished concrete floors, the price heavily depends on the level of grinding. A heavy grinding results in a higher price vice-versa a light grind will be more economically viable & will give a nice looking polished finish. However, like we said before the possibilities are endless and you can use colored or decorative concrete mix, then you will have to grind the surface more to expose the aggregates.

Grind & Seal Concrete Floors

One of the simplest methods of polished concrete is the grind & seal method, where the surface is light grinded and a topical sealer is applied on top of it. However, unlike polished concrete, the surface is not mechanically polished with a polishing machine but the look can still be achieved to a certain extent, making it a more affordable option.

Even though it’s more durable than other flooring alternatives, the cost of maintenance on this usually high as the sealer sits on top of the floor. With the passing of time, the sealer is usually worn off quite fast & the cost of regularly sealing the floor builds up over time.

Honed Concrete Floors

This method involves more grinding down the surface to reveal the aggregates and using different levels of diamond grit to achieve a shiny finish. It is then sealed with a penetrating sealer to protect the surface.

This method can withstand more heavy traffic as the sealer is penetrated within the concrete & bonded well with it. It is a more affordable option than polished concrete.

Mechanically Polished Concrete Floors

Then finally there is original polished concrete. Not only unbeatable in looks and finish but also stands out in terms of durability. This is a designer’s favorite.

Mechanical polishing involves grinding, honing and polishing the surface using different levels of diamond-bonded abrasives before applying a lithium densifier onto the surface.

Due to such extensive grinding, honing, polishing & to top it off with a chemical hardener, mechanical method of polished concrete makes it extremely hard-wearing & durable. The toughness of this product is exceptional & can last for long periods of time with minimal maintenance.

Moreover, there is a plethora of options available in this range by customizing the colors, aggregate exposure, gloss level. The floor is your canvas. But each decision will have various costs associated with it.

Polished Concrete Lifetime Value

When comparing this sort of flooring with other materials, you need to think in terms of value & not cost. When it comes to looks, longevity & durability, this sort of flooring has it all. We look more into why going forward with this option is better.

Polished concrete will not go out of style

Just the aesthetics of this flooring is a give away of its sheer brilliance. This has been sought after by interior designers and architects. Vinyl floors, stained carpet, tacky tiles? No thanks.

Polished concrete is an option which can go well with a majority of designs & fashion forward styling choices. There is a reason why some of best restaurants & cafes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi have chosen this sort of floor finish.

Polished concrete is long lasting with minimal maintenance

The durability & longevity of this product is like none other. This is where value is the highlight of the product. Since concrete is a tough & sturdy material as this is used in supermarkets and factories, a polished concrete gives it the appealing look along with the toughness & if properly maintained this product can last for hundreds of years.

Big savings on heating & cooling

It has the ability to absorb & store heat & release it slowly. Polished concrete is a more sustainable & environmentally friendly option, making buildings more energy efficient & saving you money on your heating & cooling bills.

Get a polished concrete designed by experts

If you have an upcoming F&B, hospitality, commercial or residential project where a seamless raw concrete look is what you are looking to achieve, then get in touch with our team who will guide you on all different finishes you can achieve, in what range & the project timelines.

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