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Padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity in the Middle Eastern region especially in UAE with multiple padel court sports facilities opening up every now & then & what has actually helped create more popularity of this sport is the Dubai Sports World (DSW 2020).

Now more than ever, people are looking into opening up new sports facilities with cost-effective padel courts that can perform optimally.

Definitely, all padel fans must have come across this thought; either because this must have come up post-match or by simple curiosity; how much will it cost to build a padel court?

In this article we look at what kind of materials are needed for a padel court investment as well as what factors can affect the overall expenditure of a court.

The main requirement – Space

The reason for this sport’s increasing popularity is because of the space it requires. If you are an investor, you must know the importance of optimal land usage. Padel court requires 20 x 10 m space. Although it is advisable to have more space for the surrounding of the court.

If you have this much space available, great! Let’s look at what factors make the price of the court vary.

Factors influencing the price

The structure

It has galvanized steel structural tube pillars of 100x50x3mm which are anchored to the foundation of the court by means of mechanical blocks. They are attached to the pillars of electro-welded mesh (50x50x4mm) through screws through 10 metric with antioxidant treatment.

Tempered glass walls

Tempered glass can have a thickness of 10-12mm , 6 fastening to the structure are required in the 3x2m & 4 clamps in those of 2x2m.

The fence

Both the bottoms and the sides of the court have to be installed tight to the bars which must be strong enough to withstand many blows. The mesh can be of two forms: simple twist or electrocuted in all the crosses. The latter one is the most popular option.

Usually there are 2 exits on each side of the fence.

The lighting

The lighting is of the utmost importance when it comes to building a padel court. It must be optimal for the players to have the best visibility at night. The court must have 4 columns with 8pcs of 200W light bulb on each column.

The floor

It is recommended to have artificial turf as the flooring for padel court because it helps reduce risk of injury in ankles, knees and joints. The pile height of the turf usually ranges from 10-15mm. You can read more about the artificial turf details here where the benefits of using sand in artificial turf is highlighted. Click here to read!

The maintenance

The maintenance is a running cost of the court. Minimum maintenance has to be done on the court such as spreading out the sand & cleaning. However, we need to be aware of breakage of the network or panel of glass.

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