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Our team completed the project for a residential community “Olivara Residence and Park” in Dubai. The scope of the work was divided into six parts as follows 

  • Kids Play Equipment 
  • Outdoors gym equipment 
  • Cast-in situ rubber flooring
  • Artificial Turf landscaping
  • Stone carpet landscaping
  • Micro-topping

The following article briefly describes the working procedure of the project. 

Kids play Equipment 

The world is continuously moving towards modernization through the development of technology and equipment. Kids play equipment typically consists of slides, swings, see-saws, climbers, and tubes. 

Swings are the favorite playing equipment of kids and are known as the basic element of every park. It’s not only used by children but most adults also love to use swings. The technology now makes it safer and our experts keep in mind everything important for safety and your enjoyment. 

Slide and see-saw are mostly used by children. You will rarely see a park without a slide. Children love to race on the slides from top to quickly slide down. See-saw is fun playing with siblings and friends. Children like to challenge each other on a see-saw for back and forth movement. It comes in different sizes so four children can enjoy it at a time. The safety measures are also important in both because sometimes the edges of slides are very dangerous for children so our experts made sure to do their best. 

Climbers are becoming popular due to its vast range of sizes and shapes. Not only children but adults also play with their kids and enjoy climbers. Climbers also work as exercise and improve the upper body strength of kids. Children enjoy this exercise and even challenge their friends. 

Tubes are also a type of climbers and children like to crawl between them and entirely safe playground equipment. 

Outdoor gym equipment 

Outdoor gym equipment allows people of any age to improve and maintain their physical health fit. Our experts provide the service of gym equipment Dubai too. In this project, all the basic outdoor gym equipment is installed to keep the community’s people healthy and active. The equipment is not only available for adults but children of all ages can make their habit to remain active through daily exercise. The equipment includes T-Rex, obstacles, and fairgrounds to create a functional fitness station for all ages. 

Childhood exercise being a sense of responsibility in children and the involvement of parents make their habit to improve fitness level. After the age of 45 people started visiting physiotherapists to get an exercise program because they failed to maintain the flexibility and strength of their muscles in youthful life. Outdoor gym equipment will urge you to use them and you will be attracted to them. It will protect your money which you will give to a physiotherapist and allow you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Researchers say that exercise at a young age increases cognition, so children can use the equipment to increase significantly. 

Cast-in Situ Rubber Flooring 

Rubber flooring is usually used at playgrounds for the safety purposes of children. We are the rubber flooring suppliers in Dubai and UAE so in this project, our experts showed their expertise and made the floor ideal for children to play. 

The process is also known as rubber mulch because recycled rubber is used in it. Now, some people will think that it will be dangerous for health but more than one hundred studies showed that recycled rubber is not a risk for health. It is also environmentally friendly and consists of recycled rubber with high quality colored EPDM rubber. There is a vast array of colors and designs so you can choose whatever you desire. It is very beneficial for outdoor use because it is extremely weather-resistant and water permeable. It provides a high level of safety and allows children to freely play in the playground. It protects kids from injuries and minimizes the risk. 

The process begins with a concrete surface and then a double layer polyurethane primer is applied with electric shock absorbent. Then finally the top layer is applied with the mixture of PU binder and colored EPDM granules. The following are some characteristics and traits of rubber flooring.

  • It is durable and elastic
  • It is Water permeable and weather resistant 
  • It demands low maintenance costs and is long-lasting
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe for humans
  • It is available in different designs and colors

Artificial turf landscaping

Every parent is very serious about the safety of their children. Kids love to go to playgrounds so they should be safe enough for children to use. Artificial turf landscaping provides safety and a natural look to the playground. They are soft and easy on the skin and also don’t leave stains on the clothes of children. Some people get allergies from the real grass but it is nonallergic. Our experts provide artificial turf landscaping services in UAE and the following are the benefits.

  • Artificial turf has a shock pad system that provides safety to your kids.
  • It is antimicrobial, non-flammable, and non-toxic.
  • It has a heat shield that keeps the turf cooler in the summer season.

Stone Carpet Landscaping 

We are providing stone carpet landscaping in Dubai and installed seamless flooring in the Olivara Residence and Park. It is beneficial for a walk during rain when there is a chance to slip. It protects from injury and provides you a smooth path to walk with your children. Stone carpet landscaping is long-lasting and demands very low maintenance. It can tolerate heavyweight and gives a naturally elegant look. Our experienced workers are providing stone carpet landscaping services in the UAE and Dubai. 


Micro-topping is a cementitious compound used to furnish the interior concrete surfaces. It provides a stylish and innovative look. It is available in a massive design and color versatility and provides you protection with durability. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can wash it with simple water or can use detergent. It is also heat resistant and effective for summer use. Our experts are offering micro-topping services in UAE with years of experience. 

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