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When selecting the flooring for your next commercial project, there is a plethora of options to choose from. Two trends that have been the talk of the town are; terrazzo & polished concrete, that are not only reliable in terms of durability, low maintenance but also sustainability. There is a fine line between the two even though both of them share similar features and look. Gulf Trading FZE is here to differentiate between the two.

Differences between Terrazzo & Polished concrete

One of the main differences between the two is the cement-to-aggregate ratio. Polished concrete contains more cement whereas terrazzo contains more aggregates. Polished concrete generally has about 70% cement mix and 30% aggregates, whereas terrazzo has exactly the opposite; 30% cement mix and 70% marble chip aggregate.

Polished concrete mostly relies on chemical dyes and densifiers. It involves polishing the slab itself. Whereas terrazzo involves covering up the concrete slab with epoxy and aggregates mixture and then grind and polished to finish.

Terrazzo – An overview

Today’s terrazzo is made with either cement or epoxy and later on a variety of aggregates are added including marble, stones, glass etc. As of late, terrazzo has been in great demand because of its functionality and design capabilities. It gives architects & designers great variety of color schemes and patterns to work with. Latest terrazzo technologies, incorporating epoxy and a wide variety of aggregates has transformed the way we used to look at terrazzo for floors exclusively. Now, modern day terrazzo can be used for countertops, tables, chairs, walls & the possibilities are endless!

Terrazzo can be used in all sorts of facilities but is mostly used in museums, libraries, educational facilities, hospitals & government offices.

Polished Concrete – An overview

Polished concrete is a highly durable and low maintenance option. This is done on either a new pour or an existing slab. There are a variety of color dyes to choose from to showcase beautiful designs & it also acts as highly slip resistant. Polished concrete because of its great reflective properties during daylight, it can also reduce electricity cost.

Gulf Trading FZE – Expertise

We work with both terrazzo & polished concrete in UAE & are well-versed with the installation procedures. Get in touch with our team to assist you with your projects at sales@gulftradinguae.com

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