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History of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a historical building material used for the construction of floors and the oldest known form of polished concrete dates back to 6500 BC, Jericho, in the valley of the Jordon River. Several layers of concrete were discovered while bulldozing for a new motor speedway, out of which one of the layers was of a very fine polished concrete floor.

The modern way of polished concrete flooring wasn’t discovered until the 1990s, that too by accident. A natural stone polishing contractor building a palace in Tunisia discovered that dry polishing the concrete floor made it look beautiful and reflective.

Since then, polished concrete floors are made by using heavy-duty machines that sharpen and grind the floors, followed by polishing it with bonded abrasives, like a diamond, to cut the surface of a concrete floor. A surface is polished to achieve the desired level of reflectivity, where the surface is polished more to achieve a higher sheen.

Types of polished concrete

Polished concrete floors are compatible with present-day luxury. These days polished concrete flooring is extensively used in modern architecture for extravagant home constructions, the main reason being the wide variety of achievable finishes it provides.

There are 3 types of polished concrete floor finishes and are set apart by the amount of concrete substance removed from the surface of the concrete slab.

• Cream polished concrete

Cream polished concrete floor finish is the most common type of polished concrete for new residential construction, where the exterior of a NEW concrete pour is polished. This procedure doesn’t involve the ‘cutting’ step, and therefore there is no concrete removal from the floor’s surface. A cream polished concrete finish creates an organic, diversified, marble-like appearance, mostly grey in color. It is easy on the pocket and works well for high-gloss polishing. This application cannot be used for renovations.

• Salt and Pepper Polished Concrete

This type of polished concrete finish is sometimes used in new residential construction, whereas it is widely used in commercial or industrial applications and residential renovations. The salt and pepper finish is achieved by lightly grinding the surface on the concrete, exposing the smallest composite in the concrete mix.

Although this finish is more expensive than cream polished concrete and the installation is more time-consuming, it is more durable and can be installed in both new and renovative constructions.

• Aggregate exposed polished concrete

The most expensive and time-consuming polished concrete finish, where the surface of the concrete is heavily ground, exposing the largest aggregate in the concrete mix. This method gives the concrete a terrazzo-like appearance and is therefore used in more luxurious residential projects.

Pigmented Polished Concrete.

Polished concrete can also be colored by adding stains, dyes, or pigments. In brand new construction, the polished concrete is colored by adding pigment or dye directly into the concrete mix. This way the concrete has better consistency, higher durability, and a better appearance.

On the other hand, adding color to revamp existing concrete floors can only be done by staining them, which requires high maintenance, regular touch-ups and is not ideal for high traffic areas as the concrete may discolor.

Benefits of concrete flooring

A polished concrete floor offers a competitive advantage over other types of flooring options due to its many advantages. Polished concrete floors are highly durable, long-lasting, cost-effective, easy to clean and maintain, aesthetically pleasing, reflective, sustainable, and is available in a variety of colors and designs.

Concrete and the environment

Nowadays, companies have started using methods that reduce the pollution caused by building and manufacturing leading to more eco-friendly practices. Recycling older concrete is now being used as an aggregate and water used to wash out concrete trucks is reused to mix fresh concrete. This causes a reduction in the amount of waste material ending up in landfills.

Concrete floors are also energy efficient, which means that heating and cooling costs are lowered due to less leakage. Furthermore, transportation costs are low as concrete is produced close to the building site.

Gulf Trading and its expertise

Gulf Trading has applied its vast experience and research in manufacturing high-performing polished concrete floors throughout the UAE. Our exposure in the flooring industry has made us capable to refurbish and transform a wide range of finished surfaces as well as construct seamless, smooth, highly durable, and glossy polished concrete surfaces that are perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

Our polished concrete flooring solution is known for its durability, sustainability and contribution to the environment. We have been part of many prestigious projects in the UAE and our experts are always present to guide and provide you with the best possible polished concrete flooring solutions.

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