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The Hard Cold Truth About Cheap Polished Concrete

Are you in the market for polished concrete? Looking for a cheap solution? Just hold it right there! Do not be in a rush to quickly find the lowest prices. Not until we have explained what the pitfalls of going with a cheaper polished concrete are. Us contractors are sometimes baffled by some of the

Polished Concrete – Is the investment worth it?

There are certain things which you should never compromise on: dental work, tattoos & quality flooring. One question that often comes to us is if polished concrete is expensive. And to be honest, it does look expensive given the final finish & look you can achieve from it. No wonder, the general public is skeptical

Check out these flooring options for supermarket

Interior design is a tricky space. From the colors of the walls to the durability of the floor, there are several factors to consider, especially when interiors play a major role into the overall customer experience. With shopping centers focusing heavily on aesthetics, supermarkets usually mix the decorative with the durable factor in order to

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Rain Cafe Micro-Topping

Micro-topping is a cementitious compound that is designed to create a smooth, tight troweled finish on the interior concrete surface that gives you a new canvas for decorative concrete floors. You can use micro-topping over interior surfaces such as indoor concrete, hotels, plazas, shopping centers, museums, garages, and offices, etc. Our company is offering you

How is concrete different from screed?

For someone not from this flooring industry, it is difficult to differentiate between concrete & screed. We are here to shed some light on this topic of how concrete is different from screed floors. What is screed? Usually confused with concrete, screed is different in many ways. Screed is a thinner layer of concrete which

Polished Concrete Floors – The process & benefits

Polished concrete floors are made by a mechanical process of both grinding and polishing then proceeding to apply sealants and lithium densifier. This is time taking process which requires specialized tools & equipment. How to make polished concrete? Polished concrete look is obtained through working thoroughly on the surface. There are many ways to bringing

3 Ways To Use Resin For Museum

Resin floors are an integral part of the facility; whether a residential, commercial, leisure, F&B or hospitality sector. The durability and sturdiness of resin material makes it an ideal choice for places with lots of foot traffic. In addition to that, the aesthetic beauty of resin can be used to accomplish a wide range of

Healthcare Flooring- Why Resin Is The Best Option

In our previous article of ‘Breaking the norm of vinyl flooring for healthcare facilities’, we discussed why the use of vinyl in such times has become costly & redundant. Resin has completely changed the landscape of flooring alternatives & is a proven better mouse trap! Here are some of the reason why this stands true

Polished Concrete Vs Resin Flooring – Which One Stands The Test Of Time?

Currently have an upcoming project and are struggling to find the right flooring product to select? Whether it is a commercial, F&B, retail or residential project, our comparison between both polished concrete & resin flooring will at least put some clarity in place for you so you can make a well informed decision. In the

Flooring Trends – Fifty Tones Of Grey

If you have read our article ‘5 new flooring trends to look out for’, you are well aware that flooring materials are becoming more daring & diverse. Although variation of material is on the rise, however there is one color that is being used a lot these days. No matter where we look, be it retail

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