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Polished Concrete Floors – The process & benefits

Polished concrete floors are made by a mechanical process of both grinding and polishing then proceeding to apply sealants and lithium densifier. This is time taking process which requires specialized tools & equipment. How to make polished concrete? Polished concrete look is obtained through working thoroughly on the surface. There are many ways to bringing

3 Ways To Use Resin For Museum

Resin floors are an integral part of the facility; whether a residential, commercial, leisure, F&B or hospitality sector. The durability and sturdiness of resin material makes it an ideal choice for places with lots of foot traffic. In addition to that, the aesthetic beauty of resin can be used to accomplish a wide range of

Benefits of Artificial Turf VS Natural Grass

With the advent of technology regarding sports fields, synthetic turf has been upgraded to an extent where the experiential difference of playing on a synthetic turf as compared to natural is minimal to zero. To play about 3 to 4 times a week on natural grass remains an issue. Without appropriate maintenance & watering of

7 Major Benefits of Padel Tennis

The padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity mostly because it is fast paced & involves a greater number of people (4 people/game). We have seen a great demand here in UAE for this sport & have been catering to different sporting facilities present in this region that have enquired about this sport.

Healthcare Flooring- Why Resin Is The Best Option

In our previous article of ‘Breaking the norm of vinyl flooring for healthcare facilities’, we discussed why the use of vinyl in such times has become costly & redundant. Resin has completely changed the landscape of flooring alternatives & is a proven better mouse trap! Here are some of the reason why this stands true

Polished Concrete Vs Resin Flooring – Which One Stands The Test Of Time?

Currently have an upcoming project and are struggling to find the right flooring product to select? Whether it is a commercial, F&B, retail or residential project, our comparison between both polished concrete & resin flooring will at least put some clarity in place for you so you can make a well informed decision. In the

Flooring Trends – Fifty Tones Of Grey

If you have read our article ‘5 new flooring trends to look out for’, you are well aware that flooring materials are becoming more daring & diverse. Although variation of material is on the rise, however there is one color that is being used a lot these days. No matter where we look, be it retail

An Everlasting Trend- Polished Concrete Flooring

Industry estimates indicate that polished concrete installations make up 15-20% of all new flooring systems installed each year. That’s a massive number and it keeps on increasing and there’s a good reason why this is the case. Why go with polished concrete?At Gulf Trading FZE, our polished concrete flooring solution has been recognized for its sustainability,

Why Right Now Is The Perfect Time For A School Flooring Refurbishment

COVID-19 has brought the word to a standby. Malls have been closed, work from home has become the norm and students are studying from home. Although the current situation is not favorable for most people, this however is actually a great opportunity for educational institutes to have their flooring renovated as there is no foot

Breaking The Norm Of Vinyl Flooring For Healthcare Facilities

When you think of hospitals & clinics, what comes to mind? Is it the distinct smell of the hospital? The tiny ward & corridors? We all have had experience of hospital at some point in our lives, be it being hospitalized yourself or visiting family & friends. Healthcare facilities play an integral part in the

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