Resin Flooring – A Sustainable & Cleaner Choice For Retail During & After Covid-19

Subsequent to United Arab Emirates’ first case of COVID-19 in January 2020, the government has taken swift action to combatting this issue and implementing measures to curb the virus. This has greatly affected the travel industry and subsequently tourism is at an all-time low. What we used to witness on a daily basis filled up

How Covid-19 Will Impact The Interior Design Industry

As we isolate in our homes, we become progressively mindful of how our inside spaces influence our dispositions, our capacity to work and our physical solace. Interior designer Stanley Sun, one of the authors of Mason Studio, accepts that the present Corona infection emergency will affect how we design spaces later on. “We will design our homes

What Are The Differences Between Epoxy Based Terrazzo And Cementitious Based Terrazzo?

Terrazzo has proven to be a product that has stood the test of time. Terrazzo’s flexibility in terms of its designs and applications makes it the go-to product for commercial and residential purpose to create fantastic visuals. The beauty of terrazzo is with its limitless array of colors and textures that create glamorous and aesthetic

Discover The Benefits Of Choosing Terrazzo

What is epoxy terrazzo? Initially this concept originates from the mosaic floors that were done in ancient Rome. Since then terrazzo has taken a major revamp and has been refined by the use of modern materials and better installation methods to meet the needs & requirements of this era. Reason why terrazzo has been so

Why Pu Flooring Is An Optimal Solution For Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges & universities play an integral role in our society and are the foundation for an economy to prosper. A country’s well-being is linked proportionately to the educational standards it has set & what major roles do architects & designers play in this is crucial to the development of the economy. However with rising costs

What The Future Holds For Interior Design!

We never know what the future holds and given such volatile times, it has been both easy and hard to predict on what the future entails. One thing is for certain though technology has a big role to play on the future landscape of interior design industry. We sat down and discussed on what kind of technologies

5 New Flooring Trends To Look Out For!

Planning on updating your space? Why not kick start with a new floor? 2019 has been a year where products from the past was revisited and brought back with a fresh look! Choosing the right flooring has never been more difficult as we are bombarded with so many options. Here’s why we have brought you a

Your 101 On Aggregates

Aggregates can be considered the silent heroes of a resin flooring job. Yes, the chemistry of the resin product itself is of the utmost importance. However the great look of the flooring is achieved because of the aggregates that are mixed in the compound. This insight is to shed light on aggregate and show you

Make Your Very Own Paddle Tennis Court!

What is Padel Tennis? Padel Tennis has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game which has already been played in numbers in Spain and Latin America has quickly been gaining traction in Germany, UK, Middle-East, Australia, Canada & the US. Padel is a combination of tennis and squash where the

Pros & Cons Of Epoxy Counter Tops

From marble to granite to corian to stones, countertops have come in a wide variety. All have their own benefits & are a timeless collection. However one product stands out from the rest due to its ease of application, creativity & wide range of color & design options & all of this done without breaking

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