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Olivara Residence and Park – Play areas & Landscape

Our team completed the project for a residential community “Olivara Residence and Park” in Dubai. The scope of the work was divided into six parts as follows  Kids Play Equipment  Outdoors gym equipment  Cast-in situ rubber flooring Artificial Turf landscaping Stone carpet landscaping Micro-topping The following article briefly describes the working procedure of the project. 

Why do padel courts have sand?

As builders & regular players of this sport, we are often asked on the usage of sand in the artificial grass. Today, we bring you the answer so that your curiosity can finally be satisfied. There are 3 types of surface for this sport; porous concrete, cement & artificial turf. The latter material is the

How much is it worth to build a padel court in UAE?

Padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity in the Middle Eastern region especially in UAE with multiple padel court sports facilities opening up every now & then & what has actually helped create more popularity of this sport is the Dubai Sports World (DSW 2020). Now more than ever, people are looking into

Infill vs Non-infill – Which Artificial Grass is Better?

Do I require in-fill for my artificial turf? Can non-infill grass work on artificial turf? Which one is better and suited to what purpose? These are just some of the most FAQs we receive regularly from our customers. Generally speaking, we always recommend to have infill as this provides stability and resilience to the playing

Sports Flooring in UAE

Sports has always been at the forefront of UAE’s culture. With venues like Dubai Sports World, Dubai Sports City & many other places to blow off steam from everyday life & engage in outdoor or indoor sports activities, UAE has you covered. The UAE government has placed great emphasis on sporting events & is indeed

Benefits of Artificial Turf VS Natural Grass

With the advent of technology regarding sports fields, synthetic turf has been upgraded to an extent where the experiential difference of playing on a synthetic turf as compared to natural is minimal to zero. To play about 3 to 4 times a week on natural grass remains an issue. Without appropriate maintenance & watering of

7 Major Benefits of Padel Tennis

The padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity mostly because it is fast paced & involves a greater number of people (4 people/game). We have seen a great demand here in UAE for this sport & have been catering to different sporting facilities present in this region that have enquired about this sport.

Make Your Very Own Paddle Tennis Court!

What is Padel Tennis? Padel Tennis has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The game which has already been played in numbers in Spain and Latin America has quickly been gaining traction in Germany, UK, Middle-East, Australia, Canada & the US. Padel is a combination of tennis and squash where the

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