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Seamless polyurethane self-leveling resin, available in a wide range of colors and designs that enable us to give you design possibilities like none other. The floor is your canvas and designers can play around with multiple colors with zero joints on the floor. A truly spectacular product that not only is durable, sturdy, chemical resistant, anti-microbial, easy to clean, UV resistant & low VOC content. Adding a rubber underlay gives it a softer feel to it which can be used in kids and sports facilities.

Areas of application: Residential, Commercial Offices, Retail, Educational Facilities, Museums, Hypermarkets, F&B, Healthcare, Hospitality, Sports Facilities.

An exotic looking flooring choice that definitely leaves an impression. A glossy finish with multiple colors and designs creating a 3D look on the floor with abstract designs. A floor will become an artist’s canvas with this product creating beautiful designs. This is highly heat resistant, durable, long-lasting, chemical resistant, anti-microbial & easy to clean. With metallic epoxy you will have zero joints and a design potential like none other!

Areas of application: Residential, Retail, Hospitality, F&B, Commercial Offices.

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